AD300 high performance AC drive

Product Name: AD300 high performance AC drive [Download User Manual]

AD300 high performance vector control AC drives
AD300 series is a high performance series universal current vector control AC drives. Integrated with both open-loop and closed-loop(optional) vector control modes, it can drive both normal AC asynchronous induction motors and PM synchronous motors with excellent performance. It is specially designed to be robust with large capacity for heavy duty and complicated electric motor driving applications.

AD300 Software features

  • Unique intelligent current vector control
  • RENESAS 32-bits high speed CPU specialized for motor control
  • Different control modes:
      a. Sensor-less vector control(2 types: fuzzy/precise modes);

      b. Closed-loop vector control with PG (OPTIONAL feature)
      c. V/F control (3 types)
  • Speed detection restart (flying start)
  • Good linearity in torque control
  • * Adjustable from 0%~200%, avoiding runaway in torque linear increasing or declining

  • Dynamic torque current control offers fast response to the load change.
  • Current limitation function for Acc.
  • *Its special current algorithm does not influence the starting torque, avoiding faults caused by the large starting current in some applications.

  • Extraordinary torque performance in low frequency
  • *SVC mode outputs 150% torque in 0.5Hz, meeting applications which require high torque at low frequency such as CNC spindle and crane.

  • Strong overload capability (last 20 seconds for 180% current)
  • High precision synchronization control
  • Rich functions include multi-steps, PID, fixed length, wobble frequency, etc.
  • Complete protections for the drives and motors.

AD300 Structure features

  • Independent air duct separates the electrical part from the heat radiation duct to reduce the damage rate.
  • Compact design, reduce the volume and increase the power density through heating design and simulation; the product volume is generally 70% of competitors’
  • European style compact structure design based on scientific heat radiation emulation; save the end user’s panel space maximally
  • Full series drives use DC fans, avoiding the radiation failure caused by AC fans problems.
  • Drives housing: Good quality aluminum coated zinc plate and coating design provides not only reliable grounding and shielding but also anti-corrosive protection (11kW and above).

Technical specifications

INPUT Allowable voltage fluctuation 3 phase:304V~456VAC (Rated 380~440V)
OUTPUT Frequency 0.00~300.00Hz (high frequency 3000Hz optional)
Overload capability G type: 150% 1min, 180% 20s
P type: 120% 1min, 150% 1s
POWER RANGE Triple phase 380V 1.5kW~800kW
Control mode Closed-loop
vector control
vector control
V/F control
Startup torque 0.00Hz 180% 0.5Hz  150% 1.5Hz  150%
Speed adjustment range 1:1000 1:100 1:50
Speed stabilization precision ± 0.02% ± 0.2% ± 0.5%
Torque control Y Y N
Torque precision ± 5% ± 10% —-
Torque response time <10ms <20ms —-
DC injection braking  DC braking activation frequency:0.00~300.0Hz;
DC braking current: G type 0.0~100.0%; P type 0. 0~80.0%
DC braking time:0.0~30.0s;
Quick DC brake activation without waiting lag time
Magnetic flux braking function Fast deceleration through adding motor magnetic flux
Current limitation for Acc. Special current algorithm limits the current value within set range and thus do not exceed the over-current point; while do not weaken the starting torque and thus ensure fast startup within set time at lower current.
Fixed length control Simple servo fixed length control function
Speed tracking (flying start) Optional for 5.5kW~11kW; Inbuilt for 15kW and above
Rich PID control 2 groups PID flexible switch, fast dynamic response, good effect 
Other key functions Torque/ speed control switching,
Multi-function I/O terminals,
Under voltage adjustment,
Multi-speed operation,
Manual/auto torque boost,
S curve Acc./Dec, Drooping control,
Switching of AC operation grounding,
Torque tracking,Torque limit,
Slip compensation,
Simple PLC, Length control,
Current limitation,AVR Function
COMMUNICATION Rs485 protocol Equipped with Modbus-RTU communication protocol
PROTECTIONS Protections for:
Phase-to-phase short circuit; Output-to-ground short circuit,
Auto-tune failure, Power supply under/over-voltage,
Extension card connection error, Analog input/output abnormal,
Parameter copy error, Power supply abnormal,
Communication error, Output phase lost, Under/over voltage,
Abnormal power failure during running, External devices faults,
Drives/motor overload hardware protection,Encoder off-line,
Over-current, Over-heat, Temperature sampling abnormal,
Multifunction key (MFK) MFK can set the frequently used operations: JOG, Fwd/Rev switch, Running command reference modes switch etc.
Parameter copy The standard keypad supports parameter upload & download. The user can select to forbid the overwriting of the uploaded parameters.
Common DC bus   The full series can realize common DC bus supply for multiple inverters.
Independent air duct The full series adopts independent air duct design to raise the electrical reliability.
Extension card 7 types extension cards including I/O Expansion card, injection molding interface card, ±10V analog extension card
Power-up auto-detection Automatic detection of internal and peripheral circuits when power-up
EFFICIENCY Used as rated power: 7.5kW and below ratings ≥93%, 11kW~45kW ratings ≥95%, 55kW and above ratings ≥98%
ENVIRONMENT Ambient temperature -10 ~ +40ºC, derated at 40 ~ 50ºC, the rated output current shall be decreased by 1% for every temperature rise of 1ºC
Humidity 5~95%,no condensing
Vibration 3.5mm, 2~9Hz; 10 m/s2  , 9~200Hz; 15 m/s2 , 200~500Hz
Storage temperature −40~ +70ºC

Naming and dimensions

Model H W D H1 A B d
210 133 180 238 108 225 7
258 155 180 285 120 270 7
AD300-T4011GB/015PB AD300-T4015GB/018PB 330 200 195 355 150 340 7
425 270 200 450 200 430 7
AD300-T4037G/045P-A 517 324 213 547 240 525 9
535 320 248 560 240 540 9
640 380 248 665 240 640 9
AD300-T4132G/160P 1100 400 400 1120 300 1090 11
710 465 355 750 380 719 11
1400 400 400 1400 460 1270 13
1600 500 420 1600 560 1460 13
1800 780 450 1800 840 1630 13
1800 1560 500 1800