Application in Textile industry

Application for sizing machine

1. Sizing machine’s technological requirements

Overview of the Process

Sizing machine’s situation is in front of spinning machine and in behind of weaving machine, during the whole process of textile production. The main objective is sizing for yarn.

2. Sizing program of upgrading the hardware configuration

Trailing unit

Traction motor’s power is 15KW, considering the long-term low speed operation, select independent cooling fan frequency conversion motor Rotary encoder PG, and AD550 vector inverter closed – loop vector control drive.

Winding unit

Winding machine’s power is 15KW, considering the machine will be run in low speed with full roll, should to choose invert motor with independent cooling fan, rotary encoder PG and AD530 tension special inverter to make up a tension ring-opening torque control mode. This mode doesn’t need tension feedback, the System Structure is simple, can get a smooth tension.

Control and display unit

Control system choose PLC to improve the reliability; display unit use graphic operating terminal, it is very easy to be operated.