Application for Injection molding machine

1. Overview

Plastic has become one of the major industrial and civilian material. Plastic injection molding machine is a special moulding machine. It uses the thermoplastic of plastic, when properly heated and melted, fastly flow into the mold cavity, keep in a certain time pressure, then cool down, generate various profiles and plastic products. To use inverter in the injection molding machine can achieve energy saving, improve productivity and product’s quality, reduce oil pollution and noise pollution, extend machine’s operating life, etc.

2. Working process of injection molding machine

1 ) Clamping: Make the mobile template quickly close to the immobile template, and make sure no foreign objects exist, systems transfer to the high pressure, close the template.

2) Move the injection seat: Make the nozzle and the mold close to each other.

3) Injection: The injecting screw rod inject the molten plastic into the cavity of the front of the barrel with a certain amount of pressure and speed.

4) Pressure maintaining, cooling: This action allows to make a mold cavity in plastic product cooling taking shape.

5) Prefiguration: Hydraulic motor drive the screw rod and draw back, before joining of plastic particles are in the hopper pre – plastic push. Screw back into position, stop, preparing for the next injection.

6) Injection machine draw back, open the mold.

7) Push out the products.

These actions are based on the traditional injection molding machine hydraulic system to complete. Produce pressure and flow by different pumps and valves combined. Provide the required impetus to the cylinder and hydraulic motor and motion speed.

3. Principle of frequency conversion energy saving

For the plastics industry, power consumption is the main part of its production costs, While the injection molding machine of plastic products factory is one of the main energy consumption equipment, thus reducing the energy consumption of plastic injection molding machine is an effective way to reduce costs and improve product competitiveness.

4. Advantages of frequency converter in energy efficiency retrofit of injection molding machine

1) Adjust the speed to save energy.
2) Increase the power factor
3) Soft start

5. ADT inverter’s features on the reform of Inverter in the injection molding machine

1) AD300 Universal Machine coupled with the expansion cards can be composed of injection molding machine injection molding machine special inverter ;

2) Inverter’s overload capability is strong ( 180%, rated current is 20 seconds ), can effectively avoid over – current fault occurs, improve the stability of the system is running ;

3) Adopts vector control method, short acceleration and deceleration time, improves the response speed of injection molding machine, also improves customer productivity ;

4) Parameter setting is simple, convenient for adjustment.

6. Summary

After using the AD300 converter energy – injection molding machine can save transformation, not only prolongs the working life of the motor, but also save a lot of power energy, increase the economic benefit of customers.