Application for CNC Machine

1. Overview

NC Machine is a product of Mechatronics which intergrated mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics and information technology in one system. Has high precision, high efficiency, high automation, and flexibility etc advantages.

2. Technical requirements for NC Machine

1) Wide speed range

Because of the processing tools, materials and the requirements of parts processing, to ensure that in any case there will be a optimum cutting conditions, this requires the transmission system must have sufficiently wide speed range. At the same time, there are different requirements different speeds : in high speed, requires stable speed, provides maximum power of spindle motor as possible, means the constant power range must be wide.

2) Precise speed control

To ensure the accuracy of NC Machine, generally requires transmission speed control system has high precision, small dynamic deceleration caused by load change.

3) Short acceleration and deceleration time

CNC lathes require acceleration / deceleration time is short, has a good fast response characteristics. Inverter’s acceleration and deceleration time are short, it can improve the machining efficiency of NC Machine.

3. Characteristics of Altiutde’s inverter in application of NC Machine

1) Speed regulation range 0~600hz to meet the requirements of speed for different workpiece.

2) Low frequency and big torque, to meet the NC Machine’s requirement in the low speed heavy cutting requirements.

3) Using vector control methods, to improve the responsiveness and precision of NC Machine.

4) Acceleration time is short, improve the productivity.

5) 1~16K Hz carrier frequency can adjust and reduce the motor’s noise and improve the working environment for operators.

4. Summary

Spindle motor with AD300 high performance vector inverter drive, not only meet the processing requirements of the job, but also extend the life of the knife tool. Due to the Vector Control of inverter, even at low speed ( Low Frequency ) runs, motor can smoothly output the torque of 150%, to meet the different types of processing. Achieve the real stepless speed regulation. Improve the automation degree of the NC Machine.