Application for Air Compressor

1. Introduction

1) Air Compressor is a kind equipmentused which use motor to compress the air in chamber to make the air have a certain pressure. It is widely applicated in metallurgy, mine, energy, textile, machinery manufacture and petrochemicals. The power consumption of air compressor is around 15% of the all big industrial equipments’ power consumption.

After investigation, most of the air compressors have the drawbacks as below :

① when the output pressure is higher than a certain value, the load relief valve opens automatically, then the motor is idle running, waste the energy seriously.

② Continual starting and stopping for induction motor, affect the lifespan of the motor.

③ Low degree of automation, slow regulation, swings, instability and low accuracy.

④ Air Compressor mechanic – start current, impact for the grid, motor bearing wear and the amount for equipment maintenance are very large.

2. Reconstruction principle

1) Use the frequency conversion mode, make the motor run at peak efficiency at light loads, reducing unnecessary energy loss.

2) According to the strict EMS standards, high performance pwm inverter use the IGBT with high speed and low cost.

3) Make the current raising smoothly when motor starting or loading, not any impact. Achieve soft stop, to avoid the harm caused by counter – currents. benefit to extend the service life of equipment.

4) Monitor the pressure of gas in the pipe in real-time, make the pipe pressure keep constant, improve the production efficiency and product’s quality.

5) Because the motor runs under the state of high efficiency, power factor is high, reduce the loss of reactive power,can save much energy.

6) Remain the original release valve system, and participate in the regulation if necessary, to enhance the reliability of system.

Anyway, after use the intelligent control system of constant pressure gas supply, not only save 30~40% electricity costs, but also prolong the service life of the air compressor, but also can accomplish the purpose of constant pressure gas supply, improve the production efficiency and the product’s quality.